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Hi! I'm Dani and I'm a curious and creative seeker of new grounds to expand my frontiers. And this curiosity took me to few different countries and tought me quite diverse skills in my true passion; computers. Thanks to my love for new challenges and thirst for learning, I had the chance to work in several big and small companies performing quite a unique set of roles such as CTO, VR & Game Programmer / Developer, BackEnd Programmer, DBA, Systems Engineer.

My other passion is people. As simple as it sounds I love to interact and help people and I consider myself an asertive person that enjoys teaching others. So that's the reason why I started writing this blog, originally with the intention of helping those ones that are starting in this industry and also return the favor for those ones that helped me when I was starting.


Welcome Internet traveller. I'm Daniel Mayor and here you'll find a very personal and subjective blog with all my articles about computer tips and tutorials, programming languages, technology, photos, stories of my trips and pretty much anything that in some point I felt like I wanted to share with you.