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Hi! I am Daniel Mayor, born in Madrid, Spain, but I am now residing in New Zealand. I have been travelling a lot in the past until I finally settled in the land of The Lord of The Rings. I have graduated with a degree in Information Technology Systems from the UNED University. Upon graduation, I have tried working in several niches, which is why I prefer to call myself and IT Generalist - referring to the general nature of the jobs I have completed in the past and not a specific position. Although I assumed different roles, they are all related to information technology and programming. Some of the specific positions I have handled in the past include Website Developer, Systems Administrator, DBA, Systems Engineer, and Programmer, among others. All of these experiences have provided me with a solid training ground to start my own blog where you can see an abundance of posts about computers and technology.

When I was younger, just like how I am today, I was a curious person, and I never get contented. More often than not, I will keep on learning different skills, one after the other. With 8 years old, I had already started with programming. I also learned how to play the piano, which has given me an introduction to the wonderful world of music. I ended up learning how to play other instruments as well, like the traverse flute, bagpipes and guitar. I was also once into role playing games, which has enhanced my creative thinking, and I partially attribute as a reason for being a geek. In recent years, I have been engaged in different trips, each with a different adventure and learning. All of these things have given me valuable lessons in life and inspiration in getting serious with having a blogging platform.

Today, to keep me busy and to practice my skills in writing, I made this blog. Unlike others, there is no specific niche as I write just basically what I feel like writing, knowing how it will help other people. Most of the articles are about technology and programming, which is the type you will enjoy if you are into geek stuff like me. In my blog, I also have posts wherein I share some of the adventures in my trips. There are also entries about gaming, including some hacks you can consider to end up being victorious in a specific game.


Welcome Internet traveller. I'm Daniel Mayor and here you'll find a very personal and subjective blog with all my articles about computer tips and tutorials, programming languages, technology, photos, stories of my trips and pretty much anything that in some point I felt like I wanted to share with you.